The Only MMORPG To Take Over 2K Hours Of My Life.

In the year 2014, there was nothing that was quite the wet dream to any Elder Scrolls fan other than the idea of Skyrim online. Something about exploring the Nordic-dominated countryside with friends, taking on dragon priest along the way. Then, as if a blessing from the Nine Diving themselves Bethesda and Zenimax Studios rollContinue reading “The Only MMORPG To Take Over 2K Hours Of My Life.”

The Heroic Tale of Dragon Age Origin. The Tragedy of 2

So when it comes to favorite things, like most people it usually isn’t black and white. My favorite bands? Well, I usually ring off the same five, rappers, on the other hand, that would be Kendrick Lamar. Favorite basketball player? All-time J.J. Reddick, In reference to the NBA, that’s the bearded Harden. The point IContinue reading “The Heroic Tale of Dragon Age Origin. The Tragedy of 2”

Taking A Look At My Favorite Novel: Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed In Blood.

I will be the first to admit, I am not huge on novels. The way my brain processes information, it is very difficult to catch and hold my attention. This is true even in manga but, generally speaking, the pictures fire enough of my brain cells to bring me back around. However, this isn’t trueContinue reading “Taking A Look At My Favorite Novel: Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed In Blood.”

Some Random Short I Wrote.

I was suddenly overcome with the smell of fresh soil. That enriched dirt scent one would find in a freshly potted flower. But this wasn’t the place to be smelling such a smell. Ah, I must be dreaming the thought was comforting, even rational. Searching my memory, the last thing I recall is laying downContinue reading “Some Random Short I Wrote.”

Appreciating John Green’s Looking For Alaska

I pretend to write novels. It is something that has been in the back of my mind for most of my life, an annoying little bug just whispering that one day, I might actually put something together that is worthwhile. A book that will find itself among bookshelves around the country, beating out the 22Continue reading “Appreciating John Green’s Looking For Alaska”

The Tight Rope Of The Age Gap

Spoilers for Koikimo, Higehiro, and We Never Learn Age gap is a genre that has been a cornerstone of anime and manga for years. It’s had highs and lows, challenging some of the soundest social norms to paint a picture of taboo love. Personally, I never had an issue with the genre. I enjoyed DomesticContinue reading “The Tight Rope Of The Age Gap”

Burnham’s Inside Is A Brilliantly Dark New Age Special

Four types of art have been the center point of my life when it comes to entertainment. I was never one to read many novels or watch many movies but when it came to anime, music, games, and comedy I was invested. Out of those four, however, two have influenced the way I think andContinue reading “Burnham’s Inside Is A Brilliantly Dark New Age Special”

What Makes We Never Learn, A Legend Among Harems?

MAJOR SPOILERS I love harems, it isn’t a secret. Slow burn series like Nisekoi, chaos series like Trinity Seven, hell I even enjoyed Infinite Stratos to an extent and to be honest this will be the only time I will ever admit that. Harems for me bring some of the most cheesy, stupid, and diverseContinue reading “What Makes We Never Learn, A Legend Among Harems?”

Just Me Fanboying Over Fate Magical Girls

Types Moons Fate series is one of the vastest, complicated, cluster fucks of a series that spans games, anime, and manga. It also happens to be one of the most cherished communities with a massive fan base. An epic story that follows the Holy Grail wars, an event in which powerful families and mages summonContinue reading “Just Me Fanboying Over Fate Magical Girls”

Is Hori’s relationship toxic?

Authors note: So unlike a lot of talented writers I follow and interact with, I don’t do scheduled posts. They way I write/ intake content/ write OUTSIDE of Otaku Post I just don’t have the creative fortitude. With that being said I think I’m in a bit of a block, I haven’t been too thrilledContinue reading “Is Hori’s relationship toxic?”