A Rare Manhwa Read: Secret Alliance

I am not much of a Manhwa expert. What was once its own page on Otakupost I quickly removed, grouping up the Korean comics with Manga. Why do you ask? Simple, for over eight months only one story even appeared under that tag, Miss Mystic. Now ignoring the fact that story is 90% porn, IContinue reading “A Rare Manhwa Read: Secret Alliance”

My Favorite Summer Series: The Detective Is Already Dead

Picture this, you are in a commercial aircraft going who knows where in a three-piece suit, a carry-on you have no idea contains, and an overwhelming urge to have a smoke. That is of course because you are a grown man, one attuned to shady business treading the fine line between morally questionable to straight-upContinue reading “My Favorite Summer Series: The Detective Is Already Dead”

The Heroic Tale of Dragon Age Origin. The Tragedy of 2

So when it comes to favorite things, like most people it usually isn’t black and white. My favorite bands? Well, I usually ring off the same five, rappers, on the other hand, that would be Kendrick Lamar. Favorite basketball player? All-time J.J. Reddick, In reference to the NBA, that’s the bearded Harden. The point IContinue reading “The Heroic Tale of Dragon Age Origin. The Tragedy of 2”

I Read Strange Manga: One Room of Happiness

Think of a world as I shaved. Then I brought a high school girl home, except Sayu is a middle schooler, Yoshida is a masking-wearing stalker and instead of being a tormented girl saved by a good fella, she instead indulges in toxic sometimes homicidal actions. One Room of Happiness is a series that takesContinue reading “I Read Strange Manga: One Room of Happiness”

Chainsaw Man

Spoilers Every great once in a while a manga comes along that upends the community. I am talking about heavy hitters that define seasons, instantly becoming classic sometimes before they are even adapted. Series like Attack On Titan, The Promised Neverland, or My Hero Academia. Joining those ranks is a single arc 2018 series pennedContinue reading “Chainsaw Man”

A Manga I Enjoyed Way More Than I Should Have: Gleipnir

Spoilers When it comes to manga series I have read this year there as been one unfinished (as of writing) 68 chapter story that really stood out to me. Being a Spring 2020 anime, I first got interesting in this bizarre, monster type thriller where a unlikely duo team up, trying to dig up theirContinue reading “A Manga I Enjoyed Way More Than I Should Have: Gleipnir”

Hiring The Services Of A Mythical Beast: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

The grind is something most people deal with every day. Rather it is work, school, or some other tasks that usually yield some sort of currency or social acceptance. Naturally, when it comes to the grind there is an equal, opposite, action that usually is used as some sort of decompressing action. Some of theseContinue reading “Hiring The Services Of A Mythical Beast: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.”

How Not To Handle A Diplomatic Cluster: Terror In Resonance

Let me paint a picture for you readers out there. It’s mid-summer, the sun making any activity outside unbearably miserable. A faint scent of chlorine calls you towards a small pool, the scent getting stronger as you get closer and closer. Added with the smell is the sound of girls talking, a not-so-friendly banter asContinue reading “How Not To Handle A Diplomatic Cluster: Terror In Resonance”